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Bookings For You is an award winning villa rental company, offering apartment and villa rentals in Italy. Offering excellent levels of customer care and guest satisfaction, Bookings For You have a wide variety of Italian rentals to suit all tastes and budgets. They have over 250 villas in Italy to choose from, including luxury villas in Tuscany to charming cottages in Umbria, lakeside villas in the Italian Lakes to stylish villas in Puglia, and from beachside villa rentals in Sicily to elegant villas on the Amalfi Coast. Those looking for a holiday in Italy will certainly be spoilt for choice!

Born and raised in England, Thomas studied events management at Leeds University leading him to work at the Four Season in Florence, Italy. The experience was fantastic and Thomas was immersed in a world filled with fine dining, impeccable service, and, above all, fine wines. This accelerated his wine interests leading him to get his Sommelier qualifications and after three years at the Four Seasons and his new accreditation, he moved into a slightly different direction opening his own company specializing in creating unique experiences for fellow wine lovers. Born of Tom’s experience and passion, Sommelier’s Choices offers day tours and weekend packages as well as both private and group tours. During the tours, Tom selects unique wineries off the beaten track for his guests to see what truly makes Italy so special. Sommelier’s Choices also features a wine club that is built from Tom’s personal exploration of Italy where he shares unique wines he has discovered. Through the online tastings accompanying the wine club, people share in not only the wines but the experience, building an incredible community that Tom is pleased to call friends.

This fairytale castle, once property of the ancient Borgia family, is exceptionally well situated at the border of Tuscany and Umbria on the shores of the Trasimeno lake
On this stunning location I can provide you an unforgettable experience.

Exclusive Chef For Bioma
Bioma is when the luxury comfort is combined with the incontaminate nature of the tuscan sea-side, those stunning villas are located at the Punta Ala coast, an amazing view !

Oliver Quesnel
Passa da Alimentazione a Nutrizione, da Necessità a Virtù. I Micro-Vegetali MINIATURAE rappresentano una nuova categoria di alimenti. Una nuova esperienza organolettica ottenuta da semi di varie specie di ortaggi, colture erbacee, aromatiche, cereali o piante spontanee nelle fasi iniziali di crescita. Prodotti 100% naturali, i micro vegetali agiscono come esaltatori di sapidità con alto valore nutritivo e possono facilmente sostituire i condimenti.

Monterosola is one of Tuscany’s finest contemporary wineries producing exceptional wines that embody the magnificent character of this ancient land.

Founded by Sharon Finnigan-Kilby in 2001 Arthouse PR is a creative, fresh thinking PR agency specialising in the luxury, lifestyle and travel industries.

Our mission is to select Italy’s finest private residences for holiday rental to our discerning clients. Our strength is to provide the most attentive service together with the rentals. Treat yourself to the very best of Italian luxury, and enjoy the unique experience!”

Born of the ceramic traditions of the Sesto Fiorentino masters is Tondo Fiorentino, a Tuscan brand specializing in the manufacture of artistic porcelain products. There are two important moments during the creation of each product: the selection of themes and reproduction techniques, and the screen printing that is achieved using the antique tradition of a decal applied by impression and then baked in special ovens. The exclusivity and uniqueness of the product lies in it being printed to order and customized according to the client’s requirements.

In Butcher we trust! ButcherBrothers® celebra la figura iconica del Butcher, la passione per la carne, per il bbq e le bistecche. Il progetto nasce dall’idea di un collettivo di macellai e amanti della cucina al barbecue che vuole condividere le esperienze, le ricette, le novità e tutto quello che conviene sapere per gustare al meglio un bel pezzo di carne! Fondato in italia, dal 2020 è il brand che unisce la cultura per le materie prime di qualità ed il buon cibo alla decennale esperienza di butchers qualificati nella lavorazione della carne, raccontando le tecniche di cottura e tutte le novità in arrivo dagli States e dall’Australia. Enjoy the Brotherhood!